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Jeff & Chris

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Buy 1 or 2 Polymer Mugs

Buy Polymer Mug

Personalised to your Campervan. from £10.99 each

Choose Charleston Colour

Choose from 3 types of Dash Mounts for Left Hand and Right Hand Drive

All Mounts are Powder Coated in Black, fully pre-wired with fitting instructions & template. Made in Cheshire, England.


1 Volt meter with Indicator LED

2 Volt Meter with USBs 5v 1 amp/5v 2.1 amp plus Indicator LED (sold out)

3 USBs 5v 1 amp/5v 2.1 amp plus Indicator LED


If you require more information please call Jeff on 07801 082044 or contact him on facebook jeff richbate

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Choose Caban Kit Colour

Buy Dyane Caban Kit

Caban Kit comprises of all side graphics, bonnet & boot, regular colour is white & pin stripes.. Please note this is not the same as the original.

If you require a different colour, please ask, contact details are

All kits come with fitting instructions and application squeegee.